Roots Prenatal™ Yoga helps women learn options available to them, open their eyes and hearts to ways of bringing peace into the world through birth and motherhood. We are pleased to serve women in their childbearing years and beyond through private one-on-one sessions, group classes, workshops, and teacher trainings.

Roots Prenatal™ Yoga allows you to de-stress and trust in your changing body in a safe and sacred space. Each class you will learn breathing techniques, ways to alleviate discomfort and how to relax as training for labor and beyond. One of the greatest lessons you can learn is to accept your vulnerability as a gift, how to step into your power, your primal self, and how to best nurture yourself. These are all great tools for you in your pregnancy — lessons and experiences that will stay with you, to impart on your children and growing family.

Your health care providers & wellness team is rooting for you to join Roots Prenatal™ Yoga. Our yoga for pregnancy classes are specially tailored for your needs! We are so honored to have you join us.

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