blog_header_orangesandi_familyRoots Prenatal™ Yoga is the first and only studio in Iowa dedicated to Prenatal Yoga. We have a team of expert teachers trained specifically in yoga for pregnancy. We are honored and dedicated to provide prenatal yoga in a supportive way surrounded by a community of expectant women.

Prenatal yoga is recognized by health care professionals to be a safe form of exercise during pregnancy. to read testimonials by health care professionals. Roots Prenatal™ Yoga is safe for all stages of pregnancy. We invite you to join us whether you just found out you are expecting or are close to your due date. Whether this is your first baby or you are an experienced mama you deserve this class to enhance your pregnancy and we welcome you!

Our signature class, Roots Prenatal™ Yoga, is designed with the unique needs of the pregnant body. It’s a class like no other and helps mamas-to-be feel confident exercising while pregnant in a beautiful, calming, sacred space.


Here’s what makes every Roots Prenatal™ Yoga class so special:

Each class begins seated with a few breaths to allow you to connect with the present moment and to connect to your baby.

Meet other expectant women taking steps for a healthy pregnancy.

Each class offers a different topic on pregnancy & parenting. Learn information to feel confident about your pregnancy journey, birth and being a mom. Topics are introduced at the beginning of class and woven throughout your class experience. Women finish class feeling empowered about their options and new-found knowledge.

Every class has specially designed movements to help you feel best in your changing body and help decrease common pregnancy discomforts. Learn simple movements you can do throughout your pregnancy to keep feeling good.

Work with your balance, increase flexibility and challenge your strength all in a safe way that help create space for your growing baby in a way regular yoga classes might not. All the poses we offer are safe to do at any stage in your pregnancy and modifications are available and demonstrated for all three trimesters.

The purpose of the challenge pose to help build mental and physical stamina in preparation for labor, birth and motherhood. Our challenge pose is followed by passive stretching and yoga poses to help release tension and to relax your body and mind.

Learn breath techniques to help you become calm, to release what is not serving you and to cool down, mama.

Your teacher will help guide you into a state of tranquility for your mind and rest for your body at the end of your amazing class experience.