buddha_IMG_0127Your concept of being ‘busy’ may have gotten an upgraded definition since having your baby. Lack of sleep certainly affects the flow of life, but I often finding myself ‘wishing’ away the busy (the laundry, picking up toys, making lunches, the laundry, pumping, the laundry trimming fingernails, and oh, the endless laundry!). I yearn for those quiet moments of sitting in the sunshine with my kids, napping, reading and singing together. These are some of the things I love about being a mom. There simply just doesn’t seem to be enough time.

I am learning to blend the things I don’t like (tasks) with the things I do like. For instance, instead of rushing though a diaper change I’m now taking a moment to sing a song with my babe while her tooshie gets an air out. Today I took the laundry basket outside and folded it on a blanket and then read a story with my girl. It was the best load of laundry I’ve ever done. Instead of labeling “good” or “bad” I’m trying to find the gifts in what life has to offer me.

My dear friend, Suzanna, gifted me a wooden Buddha that sits on my dining room buffet (central hub of craziness in our home). She loves that he is laughing even in the midst of the kids crawling all over him. I must admit this is not always my first reaction to all three of my children climbing on me. Suzanna also gave me the wisdom, “Embrace the chaos, you are on purpose in this moment”.

Every mama knows there will be a day when her kids are grown, out of the house and she will wish for a tiny onesie warm from the dryer to press against her chest and fold into the warmth of all things that make up being a mom. Don’t wish any of the busy away. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Say thank you to the Universe for this present moment. Then put on some kickin’ tunes and dance your way to the laundry room.

Love, Sandi