IMG_3527Introducing our blog
By Sandi Hoover, BSN, RYT 500, PRYT, Founder, Roots Prenatal Yoga

A little about the business: Roots Prenatal Yoga
I started teaching prenatal yoga eight years ago with a strong desire to bring this specific style of yoga to Des Moines after the birth of my first son. There was nothing like this available when I was pregnant and I so greatly wanted to safely move my body during pregnancy without worry if what I was doing was safe for baby. I wanted to feel supported and connected with other women going through similar experiences. It turns out other expectant women were seeking this, too. I didn’t know then what amazing healing work and personal growth that teaching prenatal yoga would provide for me. I had an inkling, but couldn’t know then how the great impact it would make upon me getting to share this work of the heart with hundreds of women. I wouldn’t have guessed that after teaching yoga for the past fifteen years that this would end up being my niche. And I’m so very glad it is. I’m really proud to have the first and only dedicated prenatal yoga studio and Registered Yoga School for prenatal yoga in the state of Iowa.

A little about me:
I like walking outdoors, rollerblading (yes, I said it), eating yummy, nutritious food at home and at fabulous restaurants, all Audrey Hepburn movies, and reading (most anything-but heartfelt humor in a real or fictitious character usually wins me over).

I dislike my current bout of insomnia. I struggle with finding balance in juggling self-care, family and owning a business. I get stressed out about marketing (more specifically social media). I bow to all you mamas trying your best, too.

My vision is rocking out all things prenatal this next year such as: launching the new dedicated Roots Prenatal Yoga web site (including this blog!), expanding our class offerings, leading a weekend Roots Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program, offering our first Girls Gathering (a postnatal celebration), and eventually expanding focus to developing a Roots Postnatal Yoga program, offering additional teacher trainings (Postnatal Yoga, Baby and Me Yoga, Yoga for Fertility), intensives and workshops. I have some ambitious goals, but take comfort that in the truth that I can take the rest of my life to work at these goals at my pace while attempting to nurture myself and my family (at least this is what I keep telling myself when I feel overwhelmed and overstimulated!).

To be honest, blogging is out of my comfort zone. I have never been consistent with keeping a journal. I think this is partly because I feel a journal is private and I worry about someone (who?) reading it. So it seems ironic that I would be posting personal things (about my pregnancies, challenges of being a business owner and mom of three, and baring my more personal stories) on the most publicly accessed forum available (the web). It’s like telling everyone, “Hey, my journal is hidden under my bed if you want to read it.”. So I know posting in this blog and letting you all “behind the curtain” will be bit of a personal growth exercise for me. Like eating my vegetables and exercising it might be rough, but good for me. Thanks for riding along.

What can you expect in upcoming posts?
I’m a big believer that variety is the spice of life. So this is exactly what you will get in our blog:

  • Experiences of being pregnant, being a mom, personal stories and inspirations *Thoughts on relationships, personal growth, the yoga industry, and community building as well as answering prenatal yoga and related questions
  • Recipes that don’t involve too many ingredients, make too big of a mess or take longer to prep than to breastfeed
  • Guest posts from other Roots Prenatal Yoga Teachers, students and other awesome women and moms

The goal of this blog is for women to feel connected to other women, their bodies, their pregnancies, and to know they are not perfect parents; rather, they are the perfect parent for their child. My hope is to offer this in a positive, honest, fun, but mindful way. I’ll do my best not to ramble or preach while letting you into my grammatically incorrect world. I do promise to proofread all posts (especially those written at three in the morning). I won’t post anything I wouldn’t want to read (even at three in the morning).

How to interact with us:
We want to hear from you! Please leave comments and feedback here. Frequently my favorite part of reading blogs is the comments. The ensuing dialogue (even the disagreements) commonly offers the juiciest tidbits and is often the part of the post that stick with me most. Let us know what else you would like to read about in this blog. You are also welcome to email me at:

I look forward to sharing more and interacting with you!

Love, Sandi
Stay tuned for our next post: “Is it just me?! Things nobody told me about pregnancy”