When I add up all the time I have nursed one of my three children it comes out to about five and half years. Wow!

I just gave my last baby her last mama’s milk. This is so bittersweet for me. I was thinking I would wait until around her third birthday to finish nursing, but when two opportunities to travel over a long weekend in the next month came up I decided maybe now would be the right time.

My little one and I talked about it for a few days to prepare us both and made today into a bit of a celebration for ‘last mama’s milk’. When she finished on the second side I told her to say goodbye to the milk. She did and after I pulled up my tank top she tenderly pushed her little finger towards my breast and said, “I love you”. Gah! I welled up with emotions.

I’m so happy to have had the blessing of nursing my three kids. It’s been an adventure with each of them. I remember our oldest son going on a nursing strike at 10 months old and frequently biting me. Our middle child was a dedicated night time nurser (generally 5x/night) and we were not co-sleeping so it was a lot of up and down for me. With him I made the decision to be done nursing before his second birthday because I was so depleted with lack of sleep. I joke that he would still be nursing if I hadn’t cut him off! Our daughter is our last baby and I nursed her the longest. It’s been a pleasure nourishing and nurturing all three of these kiddos. It’s such a personal decision for each mama and family. Blessings to all you mamas and all the ways you nourish your little ones. On to a next chapter…

Love, Sandi