How is Roots Prenatal™ Yoga different than regular yoga classes?

If you are pregnant you will want to attend our classes. All of the poses and stretches we do in our classes are safe for all three trimesters of your pregnancy which takes the worry out of if you should be doing a pose or not. We do not recommend (or have on our class schedule) hot yoga or heated classes during pregnancy. Regular and even gentle yoga classes are not designed with the pregnant body in mind. All of our poses help create space in the pregnant body and help to decrease common pregnancy discomforts. Our class begins with a shared topic that is of interest to pregnant woman. Your teacher will pepper in wisdom about pregnancy, birthing and being a mother throughout your class.

I’m new to yoga/prenatal yoga. What can I expect? Anything I should bring?

Roots Prenatal™ Yoga classes are geared towards the beginner student and safe for all stages of pregnancy. Many of our students are newer to yoga when beginning our classes so you will be in good company. The poses and stretches are always demonstrated by your teacher.

You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat. If you don’t own one, you are most welcome to borrow one of ours anytime. Most women bring a water bottle to class. We have filtered water available to refill your water bottle. You are welcome to bring a snack to class. Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Yoga classes are practiced in bare feet. You may wear socks for your comfort. We have blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters (all tools to be more comfortable and supported in yoga poses) if desired/needed for you to use. Please refrain from applying any perfume or scented lotion prior to class.

What are the benefits of doing Roots Prenatal™ Yoga during pregnancy?

Yoga is one of the best and safest forms of exercise you can do while pregnant. Roots Prenatal™ Yoga Classes emphasize great posture, coordination and balance. Our challenge pose will help you maintain your cardiovascular fitness and will improve your stamina and endurance. All of these are excellent tools for labor, birth and motherhood. Practicing Roots Prenatal™ Yoga can help with the minor discomforts of pregnancy such as back/hip pain, leg cramps, varicose veins, swelling and constipation. As pregnancy progresses there is more of the Relaxin hormone present in the body. Relaxin loosens the joints so it is important to keep the muscles surrounding the joints strong to prevent injury. Strengthening the body also prepares you for the tasks of mothering (lifting your baby, car seat, diaper bag, stroller, etc.) Building muscular endurance through prenatal yoga helps a laboring woman use the correct muscles with the right amount of force and our style of prenatal yoga teaches you how to relax muscles for an easier birth as well.

How often should I come to class?

We love to see our pregnant mamas often. The more you participate in class the less pregnancy comforts you experience and the more connected you are to your pregnancy, your baby and your pregnant class mates. Guidelines for exercise in pregnancy suggest 3-5 times per week and at least 20 minutes or longer to see exercise associated benefits. Pregnant women who exercise have been found to gain approximately seven pounds less than those who didn’t. Women who have taken our classes regularly throughout their pregnancy tend to have shorter labors, less complicated births and decreased medical interventions while also reporting easier recovery from birth and integration into motherhood than mamas who visit occasionally. Strive to come to class three times per week to improve your balance and coordination, improve posture and support of your pelvic organs.

How early in my pregnancy can I begin Roots Prenatal™ Yoga?

You are welcome to attend as soon as you suspect you are pregnant. All of the poses and stretches we do are safe at any stage in your pregnancy. Your teacher is happy to suggest modifications for comfort. Even if you are not feeling your best for movement you are invited to just sit and be surrounded by support. Light movement can be beneficial for fatigue and help improve sleep. There aren’t yoga poses to help with nausea, but sometimes being away from smells (i.e. your kitchen) may help you take your mind off of feeling queasy. You are welcome to bring a snack to class. Many woman say coming to class helped them feel better whether physically or emotionally or both. In a recent survey of our students many women said they wished they had began coming to class earlier in their pregnancy.

How late in my pregnancy can I begin Roots Prenatal™ Yoga?

We welcome women at any stage of their pregnancy. Your teacher can help you simply modify poses and still be able to participate in class. We have even had women come while they are in the early stages of labor (you don’t need to announce to the class, but please communicate to your teacher if you suspect you are in early labor). You are welcome to just sit and be surrounded by support.

I’m healthy and have been exercising prior to pregnancy. Do I need clearance from my OB/midwife before coming to class?

All students are required to sign a waiver (online if pre-registered or in-person if not pre-registered) before class. If you have concerns about doing yoga you should check with your physician before beginning class.

How do I do a Kegel correctly and safely?

The Kegel exercise is used to contract and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. A Kegel is not engaging your glutes, thighs, or the abdominal muscles, but rather the interior muscles of the pelvic floor. Kegels are no longer practiced by stopping and starting the flow of urine because it could cause urinary tract infections by causing urine to flow backwards. Instead safe practice of Kegeling at red lights, waiting for the elevator, talking on the phone and/or brushing your teeth with the goal of holding for up to ten seconds is optimal. We discuss and practice Kegals in Roots Prenatal™ Yoga classes.

Do I need to register for class?

Yes, please. To ensure your space in class it is highly recommended that you register online, even for a drop-in class.

What time should I arrive to class?

All students may arrive up to 15 minutes early, first time students should plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to meet your teacher and receive a tour. Please inform your teacher at this time of anything else going on in your body beyond your pregnancy (any physical limitations or concerns such as old injuries or current discomforts).

How do I know if I am doing yoga right?

Your teacher is here to guide your practice in a way that is right for you. They will provide demonstrations and modifications to help the yoga poses be right for your body. At Roots Prenatal™ Yoga you can feel comfortable asking questions at any point during class.

Where can I find out more?

Our blog! Find out more about on what’s going on at
If you have a question not listed here please call or email us, we’d be happy to help.