IMG_6830How can I best take care of myself during pregnancy?

Prenatal care goes beyond eating well, taking prenatal vitamins and regular visits to your midwife/OB. Avoiding fear-based literature, slowing down for self-care and connection to baby are just as essential. Walking, swimming, prenatal yoga and massage are great ways to safely move, connect to your changing body and decrease
pregnancy related discomforts.

Prenatal Yoga helps a woman adjust her balance to her changing center of gravity, work through unpleasant sensations and find rest, trust her body and build strength for labor and birth of her baby. It is recommended to consult with your care provider before starting any new exercise or activity during pregnancy. Finding a prenatal class that offers support as well exercise helps connect pregnant women and build community.

Receiving massage from a qualified licensed massage therapist specializing in prenatal massage can help reduce the discomforts that often come with pregnancy. Prenatal massage can provide much needed relaxation and nurturing.

Spending time in nature or daydreaming about your baby while looking out the window are some easy and accessible ways to connect to your baby. Journaling, meditation and spending time with those who support you will further connect your mind, body and spirit during pregnancy.

Article submitted by Sandi Hoover, co-owner The Family Tree-Massage & Yoga.

Des Moines West Living Magazine, Publication date: January 2011.