Roots Prenatal™ Yoga is highly recommended by health care and birth professionals. Read what birthing experts have to say about our classes:

“I am fortunate to live and practice obstetrics and gynecology in Des Moines for many reasons. One of those reasons is the ancillary services available to my patients and the stellar people providing those services. Sandi Hoover at The Family Tree is one such provider! Her support and classes have provided great relief to many of my patients. We know the many benefits exercise provides in pregnancy, postpartum and in our daily lives and Roots Prenatal™ Yoga at The Family Tree is a wonderful resource making that all possible!”

-Dr. Amy Bingaman, MD, OBGYN, Iowa Physician’s Clinic

“As a mother in my second pregnancy, I found that I was craving connection with other women. I knew in my heart that moving and stretching throughout my pregnancy would feel so good and help to decrease all the physical discomforts of my growing womb. Sandi’s class was such a safe haven. It became a place to process, a place to feel my body and be in my body and to reconnect with my power, my strength, my courage and my wisdom. I would look around the circle of women and all the bellies and just smile. It always felt like home. The passages read each class, to put us in the mood, I think were my favorite part. What pregnant woman doesn’t want to hear that you are beautiful and wise and the absolute center of the universe? When I wasn’t in class, I did the same exercises and stretches at home every morning. They were always gentle and a reminder of how miraculous my body was to be growing a baby. I didn’t practice yoga on any regular basis before my pregnancy. This is not needed to feel at home in a Roots Prenatal class. Trust that you can do it. On the day my contractions began, I went to The Family Tree in the early evening. Sandi knew immediately when I came through the door that my energy had shifted. She quietly asked with a smile, “Are you in labor?” and I replied, “yes, since this morning and there is no other place I would rather be right now.” That particular class on that full moon night transformed me to another place. My son was born at 1am that evening. I am forever grateful for Sandi’s grounding energy and presence and gentle touch. She is a wise, wise woman. You would be blessed to know her.”

-Cosette Boone, MS, ARNP, CNM, Founder, Executive Director, Midwife at Willowsong Midwifery Care

“Yoga is a part of my prescribed care for nearly all the pregnant women I care for, to calm and prepare both the mind and the body. Pregnancy is a beautiful, dynamic period that requires movement and strength catered to a woman’s changing body. I have trusted my patients to Roots Prenatal™ Yoga at The Family Tree for years and am grateful for the service they provide.”

-Dr. Kellie Hoover, Chiropractic Physician, Iowa Family Chiropractic, PC

“”For those tired, wired or exhausted adrenals trying to get pregnant, yoga is not just recommended but required for all my patients.”

-Abby Miller, L.Ac, Des Moines Acupuncture Clinic

“Sandi’s positive energy and smile are contagious. Pregnant mamas only have outstanding things to say about their Roots Prenatal™ Classes. It offers them a safe and comfortable space to relax and prepare for their birth. Our community is so fortunate to have Sandi and all her knowledge and passion.”

-Amy Brooks Murphy, aahcc, Before and After the Birth: Natural Childbirth and Postpartum Education

“When I think of Roots Prenatal™, the first word that comes to my mind is trust. I trust the team at Roots enough to send my clients and friends there. I have confidence in their abilities and I especially love their emphasis on the unique experiences of pregnancy. It’s more than breath work, flexibility and strength—it’s the total person approach they bring that makes the experience truly integrated.”

-Sheree Clark, holistic health coach, Fork in the Road

“Becoming more aware (mindful) of our intricate physical and mental abilities and challenges is a goal we should all strive to achieve as this is the ultimate path to health. What better time than pregnancy to begin or continue this journey! Roots Prenatal™ Yoga is a valuable path towards mindfulness that is guaranteed to make your pregnancy become more meaningful and contribute towards preparing your body for birth!”

-Dr. Libby Trausch, D.P.T. Des Moines University, PYT-C

“In addition to chiropractic, yoga is one of the best ways that pregnant moms can prepare their body for labor and keep in shape during pregnancy. Not only does prenatal yoga help improve sleep, it can reduce stress and anxiety (something that all pregnant mamas go through when preparing for baby), and increase strength and flexibility. Yoga can also increase the endurance of muscles needed for childbirth and help the body bounce back quickly afterward.
The instructors at Roots Prenatal Yoga are top notch! Not only is their skill amazing, but they truly care about the wellbeing of their clients! I recommend Roots Prenatal Yoga to anyone who wants to stay in shape during pregnancy, reduce stress, and spend some quiet time preparing for their little one. Now if I could JUST get them to open a 2nd location next to my office… :)”

-Dr. Heather Yost, DACCP

Your health care providers & wellness team is rooting for you to join Roots Prenatal™ Yoga-class specially tailored for your needs! We are so honored to have you join us.

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