Post by Keely Julson of kiwimarie photography. Reposted with permission.

You recently had your baby’s newborn photos taken and absolutely love the memories and the experience. You love them so much that you are convinced that having your baby’s first year captured by a professional photographer who specializes in little ones is an absolute must. Your next thought might be “When do I schedule another session?” Today I’m going to help steer you in the right direction – I am going to talk about the best time for baby milestone photos.

What is my recommendation? Wait for the next session until after the Fourth Trimester.

Did I just lose you there? Let me explain a little. The Fourth Trimester begins at birth and ends at three months, it is a time where your baby adjusts to the outside world. This is when your baby experiences the “witching hour” which is a term used to explain the newborn fussiness in the evenings. Your baby needs your cuddles, your touch, your voice, your warmth, and comfort. Inside the womb babies never had to wear clothes, they never felt air on their skin, they never had to learn how to nurse or drink from a bottle, and they were used to being crunched up in a small, warm space. The womb was their safe haven.

After birth, everything changes. And change is hard. Even for adults. As a newborn, babies sleep up to 18 hours a day. As they get older they are awake longer. At two weeks old generally is when the wakefulness begins and they start to become aware of their surroundings. This is one of the reasons why under two weeks old is the best time for newborn photos. Newborns grow so fast both physically and psychologically. Holding them gives them the reassurance and comfort they need during this time of immense change. Give them time to adjust to life outside the womb.

Once your baby reaches three months of age, you’ll see a huge change in them. It’s as if a light has been turned on. Your baby may seem happier, and for longer periods of time. As a mother of three, I can tell you that this was true for all of my boys. Your baby may begin to either sleep longer at night, or sleep all night long. He/she is smiling, beginning to laugh, and cooing. You’ve got a schedule perfected. Life. Is. Good.

So I suggest getting your baby milestone photos done at three to nine months of age, maybe even 10. Have photos done at three or four months, where your baby is full of smiles. Capture the simplistic essence of your baby laying contently on the floor or having some tummy time.

Then again when they’ve perfected sitting unsupported between six and nine months old. Those sessions can spur a lot of creativity. Or keep it simple. Either way you can get some amazing photos!

During the first three months, bond with your baby. Be gentle with yourself and your little one. Acquaint yourself with this new life. Not only is this an adjustment for baby, but for mom and dad too. Once your baby is finished with the Fourth Trimester your baby milestone photo session will go pretty smoothly and you’ll have more incredible memories to print.

If you’d like to capture more than one major milestone then I recommend booking a photographer that has a “Grow With Me” package that includes multiple sessions for a discounted price. It just so happens that I offer this sort of package deal. ? Contact me to learn more by filling out my quick and easy form. Or just send me a quick email at!